The Purple Co.
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the purple co.

The Purple Co. is a sustainable agriculture initiative located in Creemore, Ontario and Carbondale, Colorado. Built on the foundation of one family’s farming tradition, the Purple Co. strives to provide customers with high-quality produce while practicing principles of biomimicry and agroecology.

The Purple Co. CSA in Creemore, Ontario is a subscription-based organic-transitioning farm developed by Peter Miller in 2016. Land worked by generations past is planted with food crops that the Purple Co.'s members can take ownership of before and after harvest. 

In Carbondale, Colorado, the Purple Co. is participating in the rapidly emerging cannabis industry. Leveraging experience attained through the creation and operation of a legal medical cannabis facility in Canada, the Purple Co. provides consulting and infrastructure to state-licensed greenhouse and outdoor cultivation operations.

The Purple Co.’s Canadian and American properties combine to form a long distance community working towards sustainable and productive agriculture.

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